CHOYA | Drink recipes
Basic ways to drink. Umeshu is a liqueur designed to be enjoyed casually, ... Mix the CHOYA and gin in a martini glass, serving over crushed ice if desired.
Umeshu and Gin Cocktail Recipe - Japan Centre
Umeshu (Japanese plum wine) can be enjoyed by itself or with mixers. This umeshu cocktail uses gin for a contrasting tartness to umeshuís sweetness.
Five Cocktails for the Japanese Spring - Savvy Tokyo
Five Cocktails for the Japanese Spring. By Kelly Wetherille | May 9, ... Umeshu, or Japanese plum ... but itís not a common ingredient in cocktails, ...
How to make a CHOYA Gin - YouTube
CHOYA Gin Cocktail Recipe (( Ingredients )) - CHOYA 7 parts - Gin 3 parts (( Preparation )) a) Place ice cubes in a glass and pour CHOYA and Gin b) Stir well...
French 75 Gin Cocktail with Champagne Recipe & Origins
The French 75 is a cocktail made from gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. Such is the drinkís standing it is almost the very definition of classic...