Behind Berkeley’s Semester of Hate - The New York Times
campus disrupted. Behind Berkeley’s Semester of Hate. When far left meets far right, sparks fly. Students from both sides discuss their political journeys.
Dance Arts Academy
"Dance Arts Academy in Traverse City, Michigan. Offering classes in creative movement, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern, and Irish dance."
Child prodigy Carson Huey-You, 11, starts first semester ...
An 11-year-old child prodigy has started his first semester in college. Accepted when he was only 10, Carson Huey-You is attending Texas Christian University majoring in quantum physics.
Salem R80 Schools - LEGAL NOTICE
May 16, 2018 -- As per section 177.091 RSMo. 1979, the Salem R-80 Board of Education hereby advertises for sale to the highest bidders surplus property.
2018 Tacoma TRD Expert | Tacoma World
OP: "Look mom, today I trolled the Trolls in their troll haven!" OP's Mom: "That's nice dear. But you have poor genetic heritage, an asymmetric face, gastrointestinal issues leading to depressive constant flatulance which mean you will be single and alone forever, and I am paid to have sexual relations with deplorable people.