Finnish Star Cookies (Joulutorttu) - Martha Stewart
A rich cream-cheese dough flecked with lemon zest is filled with sweet-tart raspberry preserves in these festive pinwheel cookies known as joulutorttu, which means Christmas tart in Finnish.
Spanish Breakfast – Breakfast Around the World #6
Traditional Spanish breakfast features such goods as the famous potato omelette (tortilla), churros, a wide selection of sandwiches and other great things!
Danish pastry - Wikipedia
In Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, the term for Danish pastry is wienerbrųd or wienerbröd, meaning "Viennese bread". The same etymology is also the origin of the Finnish viineri.
Desserts for Breakfast: A Finnish February: the Runeberg ...
Rune..what? Okay, I admit it. These are not American desserts, but Finnish-Swedish ones. They are named after the Finnish national poet, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, who apparently was especially fond of these cakes (no idea what they were called prior to being graced by Runeberg's fondness), and are ...
Finnish Food - Finlandinsider
Finnish Food. Finland is well-known for a wide variety of healthy foods: f rom traditional Finnish dish es to fast food to more European alternative s. So much choice is available for those who would love to get a taste of this country.