Baked Penne with Italian Sausage - The Comfort Kitchen
Scoop yourself a plate of this scrumptious, cheesy baked penne with Italian sausage. It’s full of flavor, so comforting and super hearty! Mangia, mangia! Pull a chair on up and scoop yourself a big spoonful of baked penne… it’s saucy and scrumptious, and it’s one of my and my husband’s ...
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From the selection of the best durum wheat to the slow drying process. Discover the production phases of De Cecco pasta and all the secrets to cook it like a real expert.
Penne Pasta Recipes | Martha Stewart
Did you know that penne means “quills” or “feathers” in Italian? This popular pasta complements many sauces but pairs particularly well with chunky meat or vegetable-, cream-, or oil-based ones.
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